June 27, 2007

Deal of a Lifetime

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With all the junk mail that makes its way to my in-box, this may be one
of the best to-date. I am so happy to know that there is someone out there
looking out for the financial best interest of my penis. God damn I’m a lucky guy!
I think I’m going to go out and buy a lottery ticket now…


June 19, 2007


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I watched Rockers last night and was blown away. This movie is insane! If you have Netflix, put it on your Que. Below is the trailer I found on YouTube.


June 12, 2007

Life’s a Bummer When You’re a Hummer…

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This illustration by Michael Sieben has been hanging on my bulletin board for over a year. Sieben’s artwork kicks major ass I.M.H.O. Aside from having a cool and unique style it usually has a sense of humor that I can totally relate to.

So… The other day, I’m driving and my cone of vision goes from blurry to being focused on this bright yellow hummer in front of me and then directly to the perfectly placed, color coordinated, Spitfire sticker on the back window. I think to myself “BITCH!” I then start rummaging around trying to find my camera. I was able to get a quick shot just in time…

Sieben’s illustration hit the nail on the head… It couldn’t be said any better.

Sieben's Hummer