April 28, 2007


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There are quite a few of these GI Joe parody videos that were made. Here are a couple That I thought are pretty funny. These videos were referenced on a daily basis for quite a while at Northwave. I can still hear T-Bone’s chuckle.

The Monkey Bar

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A little Primate Humor…

April 27, 2007

The Blood Dungeon

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So… My Dr. has requested some blood work be done work before a follow up visit.

I have to dig extremely deep and mentally prepare myself to roll out of bed in the
morning and drive myself to the Blood lab which is in the basement of the Doctors office (hence the name blood dungeon.) There’s something extremely disturbing to me about that round test tube at the end of a spike in combination with The suction feeling, not to mention the the sight of my blood squirting into the tube.

I arrive at the lab, sign in and I’m sitting there waiting. I can hear the conversation going on behind the closed door to the exam/blood draw zone. The phlebotomist is missing the poor woman’s vein multiple times. As I sit there panic sets in and I start thinking about the holes in Swiss cheese. I realize I’m next. I stood up, crossed my name off the list and left!

• The good… I don’t have an arm full of holes.

• The bad… I have to go back now!

Anyone else hate this as much as I do?

Blood Suckers

April 19, 2007

Charlie The Karate Chimp

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I came across Charlie The Karate Chimp and could not stop laughing
Charlie is amazing! Check out his website and below is his Karate video.


April 18, 2007


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So Stoked! Kleckner just forwarded this movie to me… Turn your sound on for this one!

April 17, 2007

Lost in Translation

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I was going through some old emails and found this pic Andy Aiken sent to me from China.
It made me laugh. It is the sign for a Korean BBQ place. Hey, at least they tried…

Burn the meat a lot of!