September 24, 2006

Shanty Tavern Car Show

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I met up with Bish, Daria and Tim on Saturday afternoon at the Rockabilly Ball car show. The show was at the Shanty Tavern on Lake City Way. The show was pretty cool, but not as cool as last year.

We stepped in the Seven Seas Lounge next door to the Shanty for a coldie… what an experience that was. That place is stellar.




September 21, 2006


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Some people try to keep it real, But this dude KEEPS IT REAL!

This bro must be the host of the green room… I don’t think the band even rolls this deep.

I snapped this while rollin into work.


September 11, 2006

Planes, Trains & … Snakes on Trains!

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I headed down to the ASR Tradeshow in San Diego and squeezed in a train ride up to LA and a chance to see TOOL at the Staples Center (compliments of Ed “the Badger” Russell.) Ed gave me a crash course in Venice , Tecate and his local watering hole.
ASR was awesome, but over stimulating as tradeshows tend to be. I’m super stoked on the show, but glad to be home. Here are a few pics… I didn’t take many.


The Wreckage


September 3, 2006

Blue Velvet

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I came across that has a little MP3 library with out takes from Bluevelvet.


Here are a couple I dig…

A love letter straight from the heart.

Ben and Frank’s toast.

Pussy heaven.

Frank and Jeffrey debate beers.

You can listen to them all here: Blue Velvet