June 25, 2006

Sunday! Suuunday… SUNDAY!

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It looks like the official heat wave of the one or two week Seattle summer has arrived. I had to peel off the cover on the AC. unit today & like every other tard in the area, headed to the Beach. As cliche’ as it was, it was good times… Wew Hoo!





June 18, 2006

Freemont Shenanigans…

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We went to the Freemont Fair on sunday, wandered around, looked at way too many hippy tooks & random hooka peddlers. anyhow, it was ok… It made for an interesting Sunday.
Here’s a quick little vid. of a dude laying on a bed of nails getting a concrete block smashed on his chest. I just have to ask WHY? Anyhow… check it out.

Freemont Fair

Not So Feisty Hornet

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I found this dead hornet in the window and threw it on the scanner. I thought it looked pretty cool. You never get to look at these feisty little bastards this close unless it’s about to sting you.

Feisty Hornet

June 12, 2006

Nice Surprise…

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I got a nice surprise in my mail box. Thanks for the postcard & kind words Schultzie! Have a good summer & hope to see you in August! Keep holdin’ the fort down in Montana.

Ames Postcard

June 11, 2006

Bish BBQ

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Shawn & Daria had a BBQ unveiling their new deck on Saturday. Sweet! Good times. Mack & Jack’s keg, good peeps, awesome weather… couldn’t get much better.

Thanks Guys!


Dave’s Art Show at Marcus’

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Dave had a mellow show at Marcus’ Martini Heaven on June’s first Thursday art walk in Pioneer Square. I put together a few photos from the show. Cool, Cool! Good Job Dave!

Dave's Show

June 5, 2006

Good Girl Stella!

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Stella demonstrating her keen Ninja skills… Or something like that.

A quick little movie.

Good Girl Stella!


Drink up Shriner!

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A funny little Movie I made… Enjoy!

Drink up Shriner!

Lady of the Lake

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This lady has been living on the streets of Lake City for over 5 years if not longer. She has an unusual ammount of stuff for a homeless person and spends her days moving stuff from corner to corner. It’s mind boggling to me why she would want to haul around that much stuff.
I was on my way to the L.C. Value Village when I looked over and spotted her just chilling with a coffee table, Chair, etc… just kicking back reading the paper. Totally bliss…

Lady of the Lake 2 Lady of the Lake 1

Sci-Fi Clouds

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These are some of the most crazy clouds I have ever seen. The clouds looked like giant waves that were going to crash into the ground.

Sci-Fi Clouds 3Sci-Fi Clouds 4
Sci-Fi Clouds 2Sci-Fi Clouds 1